About me

My name is Edeltraud ("Edel") Rohnfeld, I am a qualified yoga teacher, trained in Berlin, Germany. In the summer of 2008 I followed my inner call for change and moved to Ireland, after living and working in Berlin for several years. I find teaching and practicing yoga very fullfilling and therapeutic.

In 2004 I also began giving seminars to yoga teachers and people from health care institutions in Germany. At present I am available to offer my seminars internationally.


Originally I discovered yoga through my sister and I practiced yoga several years in Germany and India, thereafter I completed my classic yoga training at the Berlin Yoga Institute Asha Rekai in 1991. About 2 years later I specialized in the area of chair yoga, which I learned from the founder Erika Hammerstroem. She developed this form of yoga in the 70’s. I was fascinated with this special form of yoga and decided to integrate it into my repertoire of teaching yoga. After my collective experience I became self-employed, because there was a definate opening on the market for this form of yoga.

Chair Yoga Book

I branched out into the area of yoga trips at home and abroad. It was and remains an important aspect of my teaching to improve and sustain the popularity of chair yoga. For my book project I combined all my knowledge, and was successful in having the chair yoga book published in 2004 in German and in 2011 in English. Since November 2020 the Dutch edition is avaliable!

"Allow yourself to be led and let it happen. Love your individuality. Live it with joy."