Chair Yoga

Besides the well known classical yoga form there is another type of yoga called chair yoga. This form of yoga was developed by a German woman called Erika Hammerstroem in the early 70’s. I was a direct student of this woman and went on to improve and develope this form of yoga. Chair yoga enables people who are open to do yoga but cannot carry out the classical yoga positions because of some particular reason, e.g. physical handicaps. Older people or those who never participated in any form of sports or gymnastics can do chair yoga to improve their physical state.

Yoga in everyday life

There are specific exercises to improve circulation for the feet, legs, arms, hands, back, head and brain. Persons who have limited body movement do not have to renounce doing yoga because of their handicap. They can take it in their own hands to improve their own health through active participation in carrying out the specific excercises and as a result improving the supply of oxygen to the brain cells resulting in a remarkable improvement of general body movement. Chair yoga can be carried out in the office, sitting at your computer, on a plane or train, during convalescence after illness or accident.

Chair Yoga for everybody

This form of yoga can be practised by everybody, for example if you are overweight, belong to the active retirement age group, sitting in a wheelchair, people sitting for hours in front of computers at work, and so on. It is easy to carry out, very effective and there is minimal risk of injury. The opinion that chair yoga is not as effective as classical mat yoga is unfounded and my experience proves the opposite is true.

You can use my book for your chair yoga training